The Best Ways to use Lavender Luxuries Escapes Pouches from BC Art Escapes

After a wet Spring in the Okanagan and most of British Columbia, Summer has arrived and high temperatures along with it. Since there is so much lavender growing on our property, I decided to try something new this year and spent many hours researching all things lavender.

The more I discovered about this heavenly scented plant, the more intrigued I became. This lead to harvesting and drying numerous batches of lavender. Next came countless hours designing and sourcing the most ecofriendly elements for my new Lavender Luxuries Escapes pouches in my BC Art Escapes Etsy shop.

Harvested in small batches from my garden, the aroma of my handcrafted mixture of all-natural lavender, Mojito mint, rice, and essential oils lasts up to five years, making these 100% organic linen sachets a sustainable way of infusing your home. I decided to add calming mint as it grows in abundance in one of my raised garden beds.

In addition, linen fabric allows the sachet to breathe and release the scent without the interference of toxic manmade substances, while rice extends the life of the sachet.

The sachets this year are in short supply, although I have high hopes of another bloom before the end of Summer. Following are suggested uses for these calming sachets.

  • Hang pouches in closets or tuck inside pillow covers and drawers throughout your home
  • Place in your vehicle to soothe traffic tension
  • Place beside you on your yoga mat to raise your yoga experience ever higher
  • Personalize your workspace to help stay focused
  • Freshen footwear inside closets
  • Store with seasonal clothing as lavender also wards off moths
  • Store beside trash bins to freshen air
  • Tuck them inside the lining of pet beds for sweet smelling pets (lavender and mint are both natural insect repellents)
  • Freshen reusable shopping bags
  • Store with linens inside cupboards for a burst of comforting scent every time you open them up
  • Incorporate sachets into your home decor by displaying in decorative containers or beside artwork
  • Refresh your hotel room while on business/personal travel
  • Sachets are easy and affordable to send as gifts to faraway friends and relatives
  • Place on the Christmas tree for a modern holiday ornament
  • Tuck inside luggage to reduce travel stress
  • Place them beside you while meditating as the soothing lavender and mint scent will boost your meditative mood and blissful presence of mind

Escape into the mood-elevating scent of 100% organic Lavandula Angustifolia (English Lavender) with a touch of 100% organic Mojito mint leaf, grown spray-free in Kelowna, BC, Canada. Remember to gently massage the pouch every week or two to release more of the lovely essential oils.

It’s interesting to note that lavender is a part of the mint family and both have countless medicinal uses throughout history. Mint repels certain bothersome insects such as mosquitoes, ants, and aphids and both lavender and mint attract bees and butterflies when blossoming.

Every part of my Lavender Luxury Escapes pouches are reusable. Feel-good ecofriendly vibes are here!

Escape into Beautiful every day at my new Etsy shop. Bring the outdoors indoors for the health of your mind/body/soul.

Tara Panrucker, Copyright 2022

All rights reserved.

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