Art Print of the Month

BC Art Escapes is my emerging art business I have been working on in 2022. My shops on my website and Etsy feature my original acrylic paintings, photography prints of my travels throughout British Columbia, and Lavender Luxuries Touchables with 100% organic lavender grown from my Okanagan garden, coming soon.

July’s featured art print was a lovely Monarch butterfly captured fluttering throughout our lavender last year. The lavender is spreading lavishly throughout our landscaping and truly flourished underneath the heat of the Okanagan sun last summer.

We cut it back a bit too late this year, but the rain is bringing it back and it’s flowering like mad!

Butterfly in Lavender

I’m in the process of harvesting and drying the lavender in small batches to create handheld lavender ‘touchables’ – similar to sachets but reusable as gift bags once the scent dissipates, which shouldn’t occur until after at least five years, making them a truly sustainable gift. My laundry room, where the bunches hang to dry, has never smelled so soothing!

As many of you already know, lavender has been proven to induce feelings of relaxation and a calmer state of mind.

‘Butterfly in Lavender’ prints are available for purchase from my Etsy shop. I’m glad to answer any questions you may have regarding BC Art Escapes. Please send me an email through the ‘Contact‘ page on my website or DM me on Instagram @tarapanrucker or Pinterest.

Summer is finally here so soak up that sunshine and fresh air while you can! And as always, Escape into Beautiful at my new Etsy shop any time.

Tara Panrucker, Copyright 2022

All rights reserved.

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