Transformational Butterflies

*This is a repost from a previous blog.

Butterfly World, Coombs, BC

Since I had to cancel a trip to Salt Spring Island, I decided to spend part of my birthday checking out Butterfly World in Coombs. It sounded like a relaxing place to hang out for an hour or two and view exotic flowers and critters, not native to the island.

Birthdays often make you examine your life, and with butterflies representing transformation, it seemed worthwhile checking out their habitat.


Exotic orchids on display seemed to emulate the amazing patterns on the butterflies’ wings. I soaked up the ambience of warm, humid air, gurgling water features, and brilliant green fauna everywhere. It was the type of place where the air naturally relaxes shoulders down and you can feel yourself breathing deeply again.


There was a giant tortoise too, but I just ended up feeling sad for him because he seemed to be trying to break free from his box. I hope he gets taken on a walk soon.

I did not take a photo of the furry tarantuala since they tend to give me nightmares. Nothing personal Tarantula!


A pond of colourful koi fish looked to be expecting food since they all swarmed around as soon as you got to the water’s edge.


The butterflies were extremely busy and challenging to get shots of, but I was happy with the final one.


Butterflies are also symbols of the soul in some cultures–representative of life itself. I can’t say I felt transformed, but I definitely felt calmer and happier for having visited. Which when you think about it, is the most transformation a soul can hope for. Nature is the healing balm for so many wounds.

Tara Panrucker, Copyright 2022

All rights reserved.

3 thoughts on “Transformational Butterflies

  1. Here in Indianapolis, peacefully housed alongside the entrance to The Indianapolis Zoo is The Butterfly House, just named like that, The Butterfly House. I think you’d love it. Yes, it is enclosed, and people are moving along with & occasionally snapping the butterflies, but it is so peaceful in there. Everyone walks around on rice paper & in whispers as if the butterflies will be less friendly if they don’t. There’s plenty of flora and fauna on which the butterflies land and sniff, unless we people seem more interesting. It’s a lovely place to just go and peacefully stroll through, snap a few, and enjoy nature too!

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    • Hi there – thank you for taking the time to message. Butterfly House sounds divine too! My visit to Butterfly World coincided with an arrival of a busload of kids who ran amok all through the tour, but somehow added a hilarious factor. It was much quieter by the end of my walk about, which is why I do love nature so much–the peace. Love your web site – take care 🙂

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