Art Inspiration

Starting a new art business is not easy in the best of times, let alone in the midst of a pandemic, war, and spiraling inflation. However, this simply makes me more determined than ever to create and innovate. At this point, failure is not an option and I can’t help but be inspired by the natural beauty I am blessed to be surrounded by here in British Columbia. And I’m inspired to share that passion with art lovers near and far.

I have adored the outdoors and exploring nature my entire life. As a child, I would go for long walks amongst the trees and trails near my home in Northern BC. I also learned to respect and appreciate all animals great and small as my lovely Mom did, and we had a dear family dog that often accompanied me on my hikes.

Moving away, I had the opportunity to explore more of BC, eventually the BC Interior and my favourite region, Vancouver Island on the West Coast. Indeed, every time I go there, I feel like I’ve come back home.

British Columbia’s West Coast is bursting with natural beauty, from the expansive Pacific Ocean and waterfalls, to the awe-inspiring old growth Cedar trees. And oh, the intoxicating scents of the great outdoors!

‘Mossy Magic’ Limited Edition photo print available for purchase on the Shop page.

Therefore, it’s heart-wrenching to watch as our Canadian governments continue to mis-manage our forests and fisheries, opting for the growth of big industry and urban sprawl eating away at the natural beauty. Now, we are also contending with forest fires and floods due to climate change.

I just wish human beings could recognize the importance of our earth, our oxygen-producing trees, and the animals that together balance our precious ecosystems on both land and water. We can all plant more trees and fauna to offset the damage of big industry, but we also need to protect them from greed.

Whether taking photos of the amazing scenery all around or being inspired to paint the vivid colours, I can’t imagine running out of fresh artistic inspiration.

Calm vibes watching the Aqua bus cruise by and listening to the seagulls sing another song in False Creek, Vancouver, BC, from Granville Island Market on another gorgeous West Coast day.

Exciting new things are in the works for my art business, BC Art Escapes. Not only are my prints now available in the new Canadian Handmade gift shop in Penticton, BC, but a new selection of both photo prints and original acrylic paintings will be available on new platforms in the near future. The most exciting news is I just opened my new shop on Etsy – check it out at BC Art Escapes.

‘Friends Forever 1’ Limited Edition photo print available for purchase on the Shop page.

I’m happy to answer any questions you may have regarding my artwork. Please send me an email through the ‘Contact‘ page on my website or DM me on my Instagram page @tarapanrucker.

Tara Panrucker, Copyright 2022

All rights reserved.

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