Help BC Flood Victims

By now you may have heard about the devastating floods affecting thousands of British Columbians where I call home. People, along with their animals, had to evacuate or were stranded by flooding and road collapses.

If that weren’t bad enough, some of those people were also evacuated due to wildfires this past summer. Sometimes the terrible events happening around the world feel overwhelming. Although we may initially feel helpless when disaster strikes, we can always do something to help. From donating items to volunteering for cleanup initiatives, we can collectively help disaster victims get back on their feet.

I donated directly to flood victims via the BCSPCA and the Canadian Red Cross websites. You can as well by clicking the links. That way, you know the funds go directly to where it’s needed the most.

Please take time to help where you can from where you are. Make a meaningful difference and help people and their animals recover from this horrific natural disaster.

Tara Panrucker, Copyright 2022

All rights reserved.

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