Imagine Van Gogh Escape

Welcome back after another rollercoaster COVID combined fire season summer! I don’t know about you, but I’m about ready to find a healthier planet to live on. Honestly, I’m sure we can do better as a species to treat our earth, the animals, and each other a great deal better.

However, let’s move on to the more pleasant subject at hand.

A visit to an art gallery is a transformative escape from the ordinary (and extraordinarily crazy world chaos). There is something magical and downright meditative about strolling through an
architecturally stunning building, quietly contemplating the artwork of talented artists from around the world that transforms your fears and anxieties into a more peaceful state of mind. Perhaps if we did more of this type of thing it would manifest in the outside world? Here’s to faith and hope on that side of things.

In addition to writing, I have dabbled with a variety of creative media over my lifetime. From photography to calligraphy to painting, I love the creative process and satisfaction of hanging artwork around my home and giving handmade gifts to friends and family.

Thereby, I decided to make a short and sweet getaway to Vancouver, BC, for the stellar Imagine Van Gogh Immersive Exhibition at the Vancouver Convention Centre. I found an excellent deal to stay one night at the newly renovated St. Regis Hotel, a convenient 10-minute city walk to
the show. My husband and I fit in long walks around the waterfront, False Creek, shopping on Robson Street and Granville Island, and a lovely few hours in the historical neighbourhood of Steveston in Richmond. Yes, the seafood was divine! 

I do recommend fellow art enthusiasts visit an immersive art show. Being immersed within the artworks of Vincent Van Gogh is something altogether out of this world. I loved the feeling of being inside an impressionist painting and seeing the painterly strokes of Van Gogh’s hand up
close and intimate.

My only complaint would be the speed at which the screens changed, which seems counter-intuitive to actually soaking up the artwork at your leisure. However, I don’t regret our hour spent walking amongst the colourful digital paintings, or the beautiful sunflower poster I purchased at the gift shop to frame and hang in my home.

A delightful slice of Van Gogh heaven:


The Van Gogh experience was indeed a sensory-soaked art experience like no other. However, I still prefer the wander and ‘at your own pace’ joy of an art gallery walk.

Tara Panrucker, Copyright 2021

All rights reserved.

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