Monthly Escape

Meditation comes in all shapes, forms, and apps. It has existed for hundreds of years, helping countless people find more peace, calm, and compassion in their lives.

Scientific studies have proven that meditation changes the brain in positive ways. Further, regular meditation increases individual happiness, relaxes the body and overactive mind, and decreases stress, which causes disease.

Here are several topics of focus or techniques I’ve used with mostly successful (and peace-inducing) results for the past 10 years. I find soothing water sounds playing in the background help me relax and get into meditation mode as well.

  1. Sit and simply focus on the in and out of your breath and nothing else.
  2. If you find focusing on your breath too difficult, focus on a mantra and say it out loud or in your head. I suggest ‘peace’ or ‘let it go’.
  3. For fellow writers, I love playing relaxing music and writing in my journal. Write everything you feel grateful for in that moment, from fresh water to drink to a warm bed to sleep in. Nothing is too big or too large to feel glad about.
  4. When thoughts distract you, simply say ‘thinking’ in your mind and go back to focusing on your breath or your mantra.
  5. Lock the doors and do a dancing meditation. Let your body move and flow to the music and let your mind ‘let go’.
  6. Meditate in the shower about everything you feel grateful for about a clean water shower and how it makes you feel. Wash your troubles down the drain. Reflect on how millions around the world do not have access to clean water readily available from your tap. Watch a daily chore transform into a wonderful experience!
  7. Walk in nature and meditate on the stunning perfection of everything you see, from the trees, plants, flowers, rivers, lakes, and birds singing.
  8. Meditate on every way your body is healthy and functioning as it should. Feel grateful for every way your body works for you, from your heart beating to your lungs drawing in air.
  9. Sit with your difficult emotions instead of attempting to distract yourself from, for example, feelings of anger, or sad memories. Instead, sit quietly and simply let yourself feel where these emotions lie within your body. Embrace and accept these feelings just as they are without trying to make yourself feel ‘wrong’ for having them. Know that emotions and thoughts come and go and letting yourself experience them as they come is perfect healing.
  10. Visualization meditations are also incredibly powerful for manifesting what you desire in your life. Close your eyes and picture an area of your life you wish to change. See whatever you desire in great detail in your mind – a new career, a happy relationship, or an experience in a different culture. Imagine all the details–touch, taste, aromas, colours, and so on. Watch for signs in your daily life of these visions manifesting in new and exciting ways.

Seasoned meditators may recognize several of these techniques from spiritual gurus, authors, and leaders. That’s what’s so wonderful about the many different methods of instilling peace. Discover what works best for you.

Retrain your brain to focus on the breath and all you have to be grateful for in this moment. Meditate your mind-made troubles away and clear the way for your mind to handle anything life throws your way.

Tara Panrucker, Copyright 2021

All rights reserved.

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