Monthly Escape

There are times when the usual distraction from life simply no longer works. The same movies, the same games, the same foods begin to seem dull and uninteresting. Staring at the same four walls working from home doesn’t help either.

An escape from the daily obligations of life is not meant to be a permanent vacation, but can definitely feel like a mini-vacation for the mind, body and spirit.

For the month of January, I suggest an escape to your local library. Why is the library the ideal escape?

  • Every library book offers a new topic, a new country to travel in your mind, a new skill to learn, a new perspective. In fact, books are a holiday from daily life!
  • Libraries are often a refuge of peace and quiet in a world gone mad with noise pollution. In spite of the occasional children’s singing visit (which I personally think is inappropriate in a library), libraries offer a quiet place where you can hear yourself think, imagine, and contemplate.
  • Libraries are typically beautiful works of architecture as well. If you appreciate the aesthetics of a well-built building, a library is a heavenly place to admire, inside and out.
  • In addition, you’ll typically discover local artworks displayed on library walls. Enjoy the creative works of others as you explore your local library in peace and quiet.
  • Many libraries loan out a quiet office space on an hourly basis. If you need to get away from noisy roommates or family members, the library is ideal for getting projects completed in peace and quiet.

Tara Panrucker, Copyright 2021

All rights reserved.

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