5 Sweet Pathways to Wellbeing

Here we are, climbing into a new year after the last one that seemed to go on for ten. Undeniably, the year 2020 brought on severe physical and mental challenges for countless people all over the world.

However, the pandemic also brought to light the importance of taking care of one’s wellness so we may deal with the challenges that life throws our way, instead of succumbing to them or suffering unnecessarily.

Since the topic of my 2021 blogs are going to be focused on self-care and wellbeing, here is a short and sweet path, or a type of guide, to follow for healing and caring for your wellbeing.

  • Connect with others. Wow–there is nothing like being prevented from hugging and touching our loved ones to spotlight the isolation of quarantine. Therefore, we must find other ways to ‘keep in touch’. Whether that’s in person for a hike, an online Zoom visit, or by joining a live exercise video group, we are incredibly fortunate to have these means to stay connected. Being close to another being could also mean connecting with animals if critters are more your thing. Adopt a critter looking for care or volunteer to help at your local animal shelter. Connecting draws you out of your small little world of living in your anxious head into a wider, freer world of feeling cared about and making a difference to others. There is a true sense of purpose when you feel you are needed by others.
  • Get active. Our bodies are meant to move, not sit through endless hours of lap top work or addictive Netflix shows. Explore the world of music and you will find endless sound inspirations to get you moving. Dance, jog, hike, walk, cycle, or volunteer to walk a neighbour’s dog. Get outside and explore the world around you, socially distanced from others. Moving your body soothes the mind and soul, which relates to #1, connecting with the world around you. Be present and listen to the music and look at your surroundings.
  • Learn something new for personal growth. Learning never ends, no matter your age or whether you’re still in school. There are endless opportunities for online learning, art classes, spiritual classes, travel tours, cooking videos, and immersing yourself in new cultures. Search any topic that excites your curiousity on YouTube. A whole world of possibilities awaits at your fingertips.
  • Give, give, give. Life is not about taking whatever or as much as you can. Life is a balancing act of give and take. With COVID-19, there is more need than ever to give. Donate money to your favourite charity. Give your time to a child in need of positive attention. Give your ear to a friend in distress. Give your attention to inspiring Podcasts or books or documentaries. Give your loved ones nutritious meals. Give your body a healthy new activity, like online dance classes. If you’re not giving something to this world, you’re missing out on a great deal of ‘feel good’ vibes, positive karma, and the sweet rewards of a grateful heart for all you have to share. You matter more than you know and kindness always makes a difference.
  • Search for your purpose. Your purpose will change and evolve over the years. One year it may be raising healthy, active, compassionate children. Another year, it may be getting that degree you’ve always dreamed of. Whatever you do in life with purpose makes your existence more satisfying. Never stop creating a new purpose for your spirit, body, and soul. You were meant to live a happy, joy-filled, beautiful life, no matter where you find yourself. Create the world of your dreams.

May you find Peace, Joy, and many moments of Bliss in the year ahead.

Tara Panrucker, Copyright 2021

All rights reserved.

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