A cosy winter poem….


Floating flakes of fluff

tumbling to the ground

softly prancing and dancing

into a milky dream world

in the crisp cold air

frozen flakes of snow

muffling the endless noise of an endless world

into a sweet stillness

of pure presence and blissful oblivion

a billion balls of snowy cotton

blanket the earth

in marshmallow cream

a forgotten dream

of Christmas perfection

in a parallel universe

back in time

unhurried flurries

on a calm cool night

when life was bright

in a dreamy snow globe scene

when the world was sparklingly new

it effervesced and glowed

in the smiles and laughing eyes

of family and friends

pearly ice wisps

wafting in a timeless memory

a long gone symphony

of peace.


Tara Panrucker, Copyright 2020

All rights reserved.

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