The End of The Beginning

Before my poem, I have a rant for 2020.

If you’re not alarmed by the rate of overpopulation, death of billions of species of wildlife, rapidly disappearing forests, destructive consumerism, and imbalance of wealth and power on our shared planet, then you’re not paying attention or you simply don’t care.

I wrote this poem at the end of August. I was so disgusted with the continuous barrage of negative world news I needed an outlet. Truly, it never ends.

It feels like positive change is taking so long because there’s been a long imbalance of patriarchal, power-hungry, greedy entitled white males destroying our environment and all the creatures in it. Emphatically, destroying a healthy world for all life on earth.

It’s also an ode to Edgar Allen Poe, who was not afraid of examining the darker side of humanity. There seems to be an inundation of toxic positivity soaking social media. People seem to think if they ignore the negative stuff, it no longer exists.

Haven’t we been ignoring the dark side of human nature for long enough? Just blindly letting greedy politicians and corporations rape and pillage our planet? And how is that working out for everyone?

I can’t help but think if the matriarchs over the ages hadn’t been beaten down by the patriarchy–oppressed, suppressed, murdered, natural wisdom destroyed–we’d be living in a much more balanced world by now. Instead, we have so many corrupt leaders lacking any type of moral compass it’s made our earth soul-tired.

Thankfully, we’re finally seeing female leaders in positions of power and decision-making. It’s a start.

However, we still have a lot of work to do. Now is not the time to continue allowing the loudest, wealthiest males control our environment with no reverence for life on earth whatsoever. No wonder people have mental breakdowns, trying to live in this polluted environment. Psychologists refer to this as a spiritual emergency. Because, where did our vital reverence for life and nature go?

Now is the time for women to speak up, take action, and lead the way to a healthier, wiser, kinder world where people live in tolerance, harmony, and take solid action to protect our natural world. Now is the time for the men who care to give them a hand up and work together for the common good. Indeed, when women and men work together, anything is possible.

Otherwise, we’re just going to keep getting more of the same.

The End of The Beginning

The dust spiraled up from a decrepit earth

billowed to the sky

in an explosion

of justice

A declaration of

“Beware! Beware! Beware!”

The fury unfurled

in an unforgiving blast.

Trees swayed in

eager agreement

gratefully released

sun scorched leaves

to join in the protest

of Death Valley days

industrial indifference

and empty promises.

While water streamed

in horizontal rivers

across faceless windshields

it had ended

before it began.

And nothing changed.

All was still

we held our breath.

We waited.


nothing changed.


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