Tara’s Photo of the Month

Do April showers still bring May flowers?

Undeniably, the weather isn’t always delightful. Although most people avoid venturing out in the rain, I love walking underneath a light sprinkle. You can smell the colour green everywhere and there is no scent like it–delicious!

In my world, there is nothing like an enchanting drizzle or exciting deluge to make everything lush and vibrantly green, particularly on Vancouver Island, where this photo was taken on a road trip from Sooke to Port Renfrew.

Happily, I have intoxicating memories of sweet moments in the rain I shall cherish forever. Remember to make your own fresh memories in the mist.

Let it Rain



I couldn’t help but add this last photo, a totem outside the Port Renfrew Pub. I just love it’s expression: Meh. How many of us are feeling through this lonnnngggg lock-down.

On a side note, I cannot believe they took the world’s best Mac & Cheese off the menu at the Port Renfrew Pub. It was one of the main reasons we drove up there. We felt like crying when we were informed it was no longer available. I think Eagle Eyes here feels the same way. P.O.ed.


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