Compassion Rules the World

I don’t normally comment on books before I’ve finished reading one. However, I”m so passionate about the subject of this book, I simply must recommend it.

Specifically, if you’re feeling hopeless about how unsympathetic our world seems at this time, or feeling helpless to make a difference, this book proves you can make a difference and there is hope.


Indeed, the world can seem like a lonely, disconnected place. I’ve found a way to reconnect in a meaningful way by being of financial service to others, even thought I may never meet those others. Someone out there is working hard, trying to make a future for their families, and is incredibly grateful for your kindness.

The book I am referring to is The International Bank of Bob by Bob Harris. This book is about the lending organization KIVA. Instead of charity, this organization is about lending to anyone, in almost any country around the world, who is in need of a loan to make their entrepreneurial endeavour succeed. Often, a loan as small as $25 makes a world of difference.

Next, once the individual(s) you’ve lent to repays the loan you made, with no interest, you then choose another individual or group to re-loan that same $25. This is empowerment at its finest. And all at a repayment success rate of 96.8%. I have been repaid 100% every time so far.

I cannot express how difficult it is to choose the group or individual I decide to loan to. I scroll through them all on the KIVA website and inevitably begin to tear up because they’re are so many determined people in difficult situations I cannot comprehend, doing their best to make a better life for themselves, their children, and ultimately, their communities.


I urge anyone to take a few minutes to look into KIVA, one of the most successful non-profit lending organizations in the world, and make a difference to another soul out there who shares the same goals and dreams that you do.


Someone, somewhere out there, needs you.

“Be the change you want to see in the world.”  Mahatma Gandhi


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