The Librarian

And now for the final chapter of my short story. Thank you so much for reading dear readers!


The Librarian

Chapter 10

Coffee and notebook - Copy

Over the years, the librarian had gained immense satisfaction in guiding the library borrowers, both young and old, to the resources and treasured books they required. Indeed, Isis experienced a quiet joy in helping others experience the vast world of learning and traveling within the pages of all the writers who were brave or determined enough to impart their infinite wisdom, perceptions, and imagination. Nonetheless, as many sage philosophers theorized, life is but a dream and each and every soul must return to the world they came from.

To that end, anonymous notes written in calligraphy ceased to be left on the front desk of the Kelowna Regional Library, reminding library staff how to do their jobs properly. Lights no longer flickered on and off for no reason. Furthermore, books were not mysteriously misplaced from shelves and pencils no longer became inexplicably dull overnight. Staff chattered quietly among themselves, musing how the library ‘ghost’ must have departed to places unknown.

Afterwards, when the bulletin board became quite cluttered, a library volunteer took up the task herself, finding a decided satisfaction in pruning away expired notices and posters.

The librarian had finally moved on from her beloved library, somewhere beyond the boundaries of time and space. However, she did so with a satisfied smile upon her soul for a second chance at another life well-lived within the wonderful world of books.

Her dedication, along with her effervescence, was forever missed.



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