The Librarian

The Librarian

Chapter 9

Coffee and notebook - Copy

Lately, the walls of the library seemed to shrink, and the interior air began weighing heavily upon Isis’s head. The continuous ticking of the clock became deafening at night. The Infinity Sculpture began to fade in and out, like a spectral figure eight.

Thus, the final chapter of Isis’s story inside the library occurred most unexpectedly, eight years to the day she was crushed in her Kia. She had been drawn to a newspaper article promoting a combination deep sea diving/kayaking expedition off the coast of the Hawaiian Island of Kauai. Wishing to apply the lessons acquired along with the small group of six adventurists in Belize, Isis became excited about the explorations ahead. The piece promised an educational and unforgettable tour around the Garden Isle’s pristine Na Pali coast.

Something felt different from the beginning. Isis stepped into the book and intuited not all of her energy had accompanied her through—fragments remained behind. The humidity of the Hawaiian island weighed her down incessantly, imbuing a sensation of liquidity in her flesh.

One of the guides anxiously asked Isis if she was feeling alright, for her face had become rather pale; her skin had taken on a curious translucency.

“I’m fine, really. Please, don’t worry about me. Just adjusting to the humidity,” she quickly assured him.

Nonetheless, her limbs hung sluggishly as she paddled her kayak, slightly lagging behind the group. Past, present, and future conversations and memories came billowing into Isis’s thoughts—she was hardly able to join the animated banter of her fellow paddlers. Images of long forgotten faces and familiar trips paraded in front of her half-lidded eyes.

The abrupt realization came “All tenses of time occur always at once” as if someone was shouting it inside her head. Einstein’s theory of relativity exploded inside her mind. Contrary to the laws of time, Isis became aware she was infinite.

When Isis’s kayak flipped over on an easy maneuver around Hanalei Bay, she dissolved into the ocean, her body never to be found. The time was precisely 8 am. Following repeated dives to rescue Isis, everyone could only shake their heads in shock. No one believed how or why the beautiful woman from Spain, where she claimed she resided, could vanish so suddenly. All the divers found was her silver watch, the face cracked, with the dials stopped at 8 am, as well as a sharp pencil, floating. Isis never had learned how to swim.

A sleek spinner dolphin sprang out of the aquamarine waters in the distance, swam a figure eight pattern, promptly disappearing into the ocean surf.

Stay tuned for the final chapter!



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