The Librarian

The Librarian

Chapter 8

Coffee and notebook - Copy

Deep sea fishing in Belize delivered her into a magical underwater world of fish and fauna. Isis met an array of fascinating characters, people she would have loved to have known in her previous life. Shawna and Harold, a newly married couple, both practiced law in Chicago. Warm and gregarious, they chatted genially with Isis about Canadian politics and their mutual love of warm weather adventures. Old Pete, a salt of the earth fisherman, was in the midst of starting up a small charter fishing operation with his boat in Belize. He had boundless joie de vivre and zest for hard drinking well into the night. Isis found it both amusing and impressive as his extraordinary rum consumption never slowed him down or affected his cheerful disposition the following day.

Jillian was a quiet, twenty-something girl who, at the start of the course, seemed shy and unsure of herself. Before long, her first fish successfully caught, she blossomed – smiling, laughing and joking openly with the entire group. Isis experienced a motherly closeness to her that warmed her soul.

With each stay’s inevitable end, Isis grew guilty leaving everyone a false email address or phone number with the promise to stay in touch, but it was preordained. Detachment from the past was complete once she traveled back up into her library; only warm memories and the anticipation of her next bookish adventure remained.

The Librarian abstractly theorized she was an angel and this was what became of souls’ energy in the afterlife. But then, what of all the souls who did not frequent the library? What of people who died in prison or drowned in oceans? She could not fathom it and so looked ahead to a new book and place to learn and be. She adamantly refused to think about it coming to an end, but end it must.

Stay tuned for the final two chapters…



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