The Librarian

The Librarian

Chapter 7

Coffee and notebook - Copy

The conundrum presently troubling Isis was how she came to no longer be among the living, in addition to the relentless ticking of the clock. She recalled knowing it was only a matter of time before disaster struck at the intersection of Ellis Street and Doyle Avenue. She witnessed poor driving skills exhibited by overly aggressive drivers daily. Passing five days a week through this particular intersection before the crash, she would arrive at her job as librarian. Far too often she watched disconcerted as drivers signaled left, then the vehicle behind steered cheekily around them on the right, nearly crashing head-on into a vehicle making a left-hand turn in the opposite direction. Repeatedly watching drivers behind maneuvering around her passenger side, it was the last straw on that fateful day.

“Oh, for heaven’s sake! Get out of my way!” she exploded from behind the wheel of her car. Distracted by thoughts of the upcoming ‘Ecologists Unite’ meeting, she preempted the driver passing from behind by screeching around the van turning left ahead of her. It was a split-second decision. Unfortunately, she failed to notice the logging truck turning left in the intersection, and it drove atop her tiny old Kia Rio. The time was precisely eight a.m.

Metal and glass scraped and thundered, coming together in an ungraceful catastrophe of shattering matter. Pedestrians walking by jumped and cringed in horror at the sight of destruction taking place before them in the blink of an eye.

The next thing Isis knew she was hovering beside the second story of her beloved library overlooking the intersection, staring in wonder at the twisted metal of her red Kia jutting from under the front end of the shiny blue logging truck. She watched as fire fighters extracted her lifeless body with the Jaws of Life, followed by the ambulance attendants closing her in a body bag and lifting her into the emergency vehicle.

Unable to fully comprehend what just came to pass, she simply glided through the library wall. Lying wearily upon a beanbag chair in the corner overlooking the streets below, she fell into a deep and peaceful slumber. She came to on a Sunday evening, eight weeks later. Feeling well-rested and serene, Isis began a new and thrilling voyage into the books of her library, unlike anything she would ever have contemplated before.

Stay tuned… only 3 chapters left!



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