The Librarian

Chapter 5 of The Librarian… 5 more chapters to go.

The Librarian

Chapter 5

Coffee and notebook - Copy

In life, the librarian led an orderly, if predictable life. Faced with fears she wasn’t even aware that she had, Isis made sure she gained control of every situation. The regularity of daily workloads, schedules, and office politics gave her a feeling of peace and comfort – a sense all was right with the world. A complete departure from the past, the new Isis metamorphosed into a spontaneous adrenaline junkie, with an unquenchable thirst for adventure and risk. Activities that previously caused excruciating anxiety melded with indecision. Isis found herself cruising solo on a scooter down a busy highway in Cuba one trip. The air stank with diesel fumes and old jalopies roared by as loud as jet engines. And it made it that much more thrilling. With access to thousands of books, magazines, and newspapers from around the world, every step into a story unveiled a new journey. Nothing was impossible; all experiences were within grasp.

Romance had been disastrous and nearly nonexistent before. Speaking to the opposite sex presented a quandary unless it pertained to work, so it was to be avoided at all costs.

“Hey sweetheart, can you grab me another roll of toilet paper? I’m all out,” one such tragic blind date had asked her. They had stopped at his apartment, which smelled like malodorous gym socks, which was understandable since he was a gym teacher. However, he asked her while he was sitting on the toilet, with the door open. And that was the end of that. She spoke to her coworker in no uncertain terms to never, ever set her up with a friend again.

The circumstances holding her back before did not exist here. There was a restful absence of anxiety, meetings that couldn’t be missed, or cat to feed. There was no more looking down her nose at those who led a less academic life than she. There were only endless lives to taste, and vast amounts of information to channel. Isis began living the dream of a thousand souls.

“Matildaaaaaaa!” screeched the old evil headmistress in Roald Dahl’s ‘Matilda’ where Isis landed one evening. Discovering she was a schoolmate of Matilda’s in the book, Isis cringed in glee. She knew what was in for the awful gym teacher. Matilda and Margaret, her new name, tortured the teacher with water balloons showered down from the top floor of the school, where they had levitated. Matilda was a magical friend Isis had never had in her childhood existence. She relished their shared laughter and general naughtiness as they weaved their playful magic until the headmistress went running to the hills.

The trips abroad seemed to be getting cut shorter and shorter after around 80 of the 100 countries Isis explored.

The librarian wondered why she lacked an adventurous spirit in life on the other plane of being. She hadn’t traveled, preferring the creature comforts of her two-bedroom condo that afforded a lovely view of Lake Okanagan. There she relaxed with her cat George, burying her nose uninterrupted into another fine read. She truly felt lost to the world of social engagements, parties, and involved friendships, save for obligatory library meetings and volunteer work.

Stay tuned for Chapter 6…



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