Beautiful Butchart Gardens, Victoria, BC


I have been wanting to visit this historic garden for decades and I finally insisted we had the time to tour around it last month while on Vancouver Island. I’m so glad I did.


Although March is still early for blooming flowers in British Columbia, many blooms already arrived (like sunny yellow daffodils) and there are always dancing fountains and waterfalls to enjoy any time of year.

My group of garden walkers all agreed the Japanese garden was our favourite, with an array of picturesque bridges, delicate fauna, and trickling streams and waterfalls. There is a very cool bamboo structure to walk under too!

In addition, there were many lovely surprises, such as shrub animals, carved totems, and fountain statues to take snaps of, along with close-ups of early blooming flowers and a stunning (no-access) indoor garden area with a sliding window for you to open and take pictures.

It was a much-appreciated, soothing garden meditation after a long cold winter. And I’m happy to report, dog friendly, so Fido can enjoy a little zen too. I look forward to visiting again when the flowers are abundant and fragrant. But for now, I have fresh inspiration to get outside and start filling my yard with greenery and colour!


Tulips! My favourite!

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