Sunsets: Proof Endings can be Beautiful

While I prefer the feelings of hope and anticipation inspired by a beautiful sunrise, there is something to be learned about the letting go of the day within a beautiful sunset.
IMG_3656    Qualicum Beach, Vancouver Island, BC

IMG_3661     Qualicum Beach, Vancouver Island, BC

IMG_3179    Parksville, Vancouver Island, BC

IMG_3187     Tofino, Vancouver Island, BC

IMG_3531        Tofino, Vancouver Island, BC

IMG_3217         Tofino, Vancouver Island, BC

img_3412.jpg                  Tara in Tofino, Vancouver Island, BC

Change is guaranteed. Nothing in life lasts forever, but we can appreciate what we have in each and every moment, from writing a story to creating every moment of our day.

“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.”  Seneca

“The end is never the end. It’s always the the beginning of something.”  Kate Lord Brown, The Perfume Garden
*Photo credit last photo: Steve Baldwin

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