I’ve struggled with insomnia most of my life, and it always rears it’s sleepless head when I need a good night’s sleep the most. I wrote this poem back in the nineties but have reworked it somewhat. Our thoughts tend to inexorably explore dark paths in the middle of the night…


As you can see, my dog suffers no such sleep issues and can nap anytime, anywhere. Oh to be my dog.


Long lies the night

In darkened dress

To seek the light

In me I guess


Twisted visions

Mine eyes do see

While the demons

Watch over me


The crushing hopes

Of belated dreams

Rip at my skin

Tear at my seams


Twisted truths

Forgotten lies

Loosen my teeth

And paralyze


Deep lethargy

Overtakes thoughts

Obscuring all

Inspired plots


My wakeful breath

Turns slow and deep

As souls escape

To freedom sleep.


Now quit reading and go have a nap!!

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