A Walk Through the Forest & Garden

I needed a break from studying and writing so….


     I spent two blissful hours hiking through Milner Gardens & Woodland this afternoon. Between the ancient forests and blooming Rhododendrons, I thought it couldn’t get any better, but then there was an outdoor art exhibition by the art students of Vancouver Island University, cleverly placed amongst the trees. The ladybug and the swinging child were my favourites.


     Further on, the labyrinth was welcomingly meditative. The 10 acre estate garden sits overlooking the Strait of Georgia amid 70 acres of forest. I had a nice docent tour me through the tea house where Queen Elizabeth & Prince Philip once stayed in 1986, and Prince Charles & Princess Diana visited in 1987. The bedroom where the Queen once slept is currently being used for storage.



IMG_2797  IMG_2821

   The gardens are now operated by the University & many volunteers. I did not want to leave. These are a few of the many photos I snapped. I hope you enjoy this slice of spring beauty.





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