I Dream of Coffee on a Caffeine-free Day

For all my fellow caffeine-addicts out there in the blogosphere, I do love my morning latte, coffee & irish cream, and iced coffees (if it ever warms up here in Canada)! But I can only have one in the morning; any more than that and my typing fingers take on an entire vibrational life of their own. So every once in a blue moon, I have to take a day off so I can sleep at night.

These self-induced caffeine-free days typically suck and I dread them, for they are truly dreadful. Following is a poem inspired by one of those horrible non-caffeinated days where I longed for a nice steamy, motivating, life-giving, energy-fueling mug of happiness. You know what I’m talking about….

Coffee and notebook - Copy

I dreamt a little caffeinated dream

of how

I leapt with purpose high over

the cinnamon moon

floating high

in a bittersweet

chocolate sky

then I feather-floated down

into an espresso ocean

frothing and brimming with

delicate, soothing foam

then i dove back up

into a caramel macchiato night

swirling and whirling a dervish spray

of sweetest froth

fueled by a

caffeine-infused dream

i added a wealthy dollop

of buttery cream

and drank it all down

with pure

unyielding satisfaction

and dolce delight.

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